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Pasticizing with polyethylene film or also called “food plasticized” brings together a multitude of advantages.

, Its application is made without any type of glue or adhesives which is fully approved by the department of health and consumption and can be in direct contact with all kinds of food. Our product complies with all the rules established in Spain, European Union and the entire CEE.

, This type of material is very resistant to cold and humidity, ideal for boxes or cases for all kinds of refrigerated products, frozen, icecreams, fish and seafood patty, etc.

. The finish can be made in high-bright and Matt qualities.

. We can laminate with polyethylene film PE in any color the customer needs, making a brief study of their needs.

. Sizes and formats:

Máximo – 120 / 170

Mínimo – 50 / 35

By being able to plasticize large sizes, we can adapt to any laminated for PLV and large exhibitors.

. We can also laminate with our PE/TS which allows us to stick the tabs of the boxes with cold white glue without having to make reservations on lamination. This plasticized also supports printing, selective UVI and stamping once the sheet is laminated.

. Allows both sides lamination according to thickness.

. Very suitable for all kinds of works intended for children: folders, cases, notebooks, ..etc. since our products comply with the European standards EN71/3, concerning the safety of toys.

. Our laminated also meets the European PHARMACOPEIA standards for pharmacy and hospital kits.

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