Vacuum embossed bags (Raybac®)

Being manufacturers of foil and bags, Joelplas can perfectly adapt to our costumers needs in terms of thickness, size, type, color, etc.

Bolsas RAYBAC®

for external vacuum

Joelplas, s.l. is a manufacturer of outdor vacuum bags called RAYBAC® for domestic and semiautomatic machines.
After multiple tests and analysis of our I+D equipment we can guarantee that our Raybac® bags perform a total vacuum with a high speed reducing the time of packaging and guaranteeing that the product is in the maximum vacuum conditions.


“Raybac®”, can be manufactured in two types of finishes:

  • Vacuum bag format: In this format, we find packages of one hundred bags standard 90 microns (in the smooth area) and variable measures according the customer’s need.
  • Roll format: In this format, we have standard rolls of six meters 90 microns (in the smooth area) with variable with acoording to the customer’s needs.

These rolls are presented shrinked in packs of 2 rolls.